Here is what's happening at Grace! 


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Sunday August 20th, 2017

Psalm 84

Time: 9:15 a.m.



Sunday service times

Please note that we will continue with 1 Sunday service (9:15 AM) up to and including Sunday September 3rd (Labour Day weekend).

Beginning Sunday September 10th services will start at 9:15 and 11:00 AM.



Please consider signing up for SUMMER NURSERY! Our regular staff take a much needed break and we reply on wonderful people like YOU to keep the nursery running smoothly. Contact Signing up for even one week will make a difference.










The Life Centre has been experiencing plumbing issues for the last several years. They are at a point where it needs to be fixed for them to remain open and continue serving meals and providing community for people in downtown Guelph. Any financial help you could offer for this renovation would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Pastor Kevin Coghill at: Thank you for your support!


A NIGHT IN BETHLEHEM 2017 - Team leaders needed! 

Mark your Calendars -  November 24th-26th for A Night in Bethlehem 2017. We rely on our amazing volunteers annually to transform Grace into the Bethlehem Marketplace. This year we need TWO TEAM LEADERS to help guide and build the creative vision. If interested please contact Sheryl Teasell by July 30th.

Structural set-up – Looking for someone organized and able to direct others for the set up of the large items that provide 'Structure' to  Bethlehem. Includes set up of all tents, rooms/houses within the marketplace (takes place mostly Sun Nov 19 after church). No building expertise is required

Detail set-up – Looking for a creative person, able to direct a small team and who is passionate to help create Bethlehem at GCC for the weekend! Will direct the placement of all props and décor to bring Bethlehem to life . Involves co-coordinating



Any GCC person is encouraged to and share prayer requests which will be forwarded to our Prayer team.
Please only share details for prayer that involve yourself or if it involves others first their permission to share the request and advise us in your email that you have talked with them. Everything the Share/Prayer/Care team prays about will be kept confidential between them and God. The shelf life of each prayer request will be one week. The person sharing the need is welcome to re-request or update their request.
Depending on the need, we may attempt to have GCC people meet (Care) all or part of the need.

Please note that the Share/Prayer/Care team is accepting new members. If interested please contact Bryan Bitton.






Dear Grace Community Church:


Thanks so much for your continued donations and support! Without your financial support the following programs would not be available to those seeking support. 


Lesotho orphanages update 

Bracelet of Hope (BoH)  is completing life skills and financial training for the foster parents and the income generating activity managers in Lesotho. This will help them to begin to have responsibility and a handle on the finances that are generated from the piggery and chicken layers at the home. This money will go into the bank and support all six foster homes. 


BoH has completed gardens at each home and is working on growing these to be a source of sustainable food security. They have hired a food security manager and a nutritionist to support the homes with food safety and nutritional support. They now have a new bore hole at Lerobane foster home which is providing fresh, clean water for the piggery and the foster home. This will also support the crops and gardens.


BoH has a new baby at Lerobane; he is 1.5 yrs old. He has no father and his mother is in jail. He came to the home with a bad rash and was malnourished, but he is now very happy with the foster parents and is running around happy and eating very well!