*ALL Small Groups except Men's Bible Study

will be pausing for the months of July & August*


No matter how big or small a church is, there’s always a need to connect in a more casual group context than a Sunday Morning Worship Service. In our SMALL GROUPS we discuss how it’s going as you learn to follow Jesus, we study the Bible to see how it might help, and simply pray with other Jesus-followers as we keep putting one foot in front of the other, walking with Jesus in the REAL world.

Our SMALL GROUPS meet in different parts of the city; some of them split up demographically, some even along lines of interest and affinity, but all of them are designed to help YOU follow Jesus, one day at a time.

Our current SMALL GROUPS include:


Monday and Wednesday night Sermon Based Small Groups

You were just in church a few days ago and you heard a great sermon … but now what? Sermon based small groups are an opportunity to re-visit that sermon and explore its meaning and application to our everyday family, work and social situations. Participating in one of these groups gives you an opportunity to hear each others’ ideas and thoughts, and all of a sudden the Sunday sermon takes on a whole new depth of meaning.

Currently we offer two of these groups:

  1. EVERY MONDAY NIGHT, 7:30pm at the home of Cathy and John Fairchild. Consider yourself invited! 

  2. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 7:00pm at the home of Einar and Jenn Skolseg. No need to reserve a seat, just show up! Please note – we don’t meet the last Wednesday of the month in order to join the church prayer time at Marden. 


Mom's Group

Leader's name: Lindsay Irvine 

We get together (with our babies and toddlers) to encourage and pray for each other in the exciting and challenging task of young motherhood, in all of its joys (thankfully), dreariness (sometimes), weariness (often) and rewards (daily). If this is your role these days we invite you to drop in and join the group as we chat, laugh and pray together EVERY THURSDAY MORNING between 10:00 and noon. A great chance for you and your little ones to make some new friends and share some life together. 


Men’s Bible Study

Leader’s name: Josh Cowan

Our group meets EVERY MONDAY NIGHT from 7:30 to 9:30 to study the life and words of Jesus as recorded in the book of Luke in the New Testament. Each week we focus on a specific passage and dig into its meaning and application for our daily lives, learning to listen to God’s voice as we encounter it in Scripture. It’s amazing what you hear when you intentionally slow down and listen to God and each other. Come and join us any Monday evening. 


Family Friendly Small Group

Leader's name: Curtis and Kathy Nahwegahbow

The name says it all! EVERY SECOND SUNDAY after the first service at church we get together from 11:00 until 2:00 for a potluck lunch, prayer and good conversation. The format typically consists of listening to a short podcast or watching a video and then discussing as a group. Kids are welcome and they love it, and we think you will too. 


Sunday Afternoon Family Small Group

Leader’s name: Jon and Julie Klapwyk

Come and join a group of young families seeking to grow together in faith, community and friendship. We meet EVERY SECOND SUNDAY AFTERNOON at 3:30pm to pray, study and share a meal together. We love to welcome visitors and help them feel at home. 


Women's Bible Study

Leader's name: Liz Pol and Mary Anne Sutton

EVERY MONDAY NIGHT at 6:45pm a group of us get together at Grace Community Church, and with the help of Kay Arthur study materials we are working our way through portions of the Old Testament. The study times in themselves are great, but the prayer, support, friendship and encouragement are also a valued part of every get together. Join us any time; you’ll only be a visitor once.     


For more INFO on our small groups or to get involved please contact john@gracecommunity.ca.