Our GRACE KIDS programming is an energetic, fun, relational ministry! From our Nursery classes (infant to pre-JK) and Elementary classes (JK to Grade 5), our desire is to connect your kids to Jesus, to each other, and to adults who care about them.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our Grace Kids Programming:

GK Nursery (Infant to Pre-JK):                       Located in the "Nursery Room" (Beside the Sign-In Area)

GK Elementary (JK to gr.5):            Located in the "Safari Room" (Across the hall from the Sign-In)

GY JR High (gr.6 to gr.8): Located in the “Youth Room” (First door down the hallway ramp)

We want you to feel comfortable dropping your child off, and knowing what to expect is the first part. Here’s the low-down on what happens on a Sunday morning!


1) Check-In 

When you first arrive to church, your family will be greeted by our amazing Grace Kids Leaders; look for the smiling faces in blue GK shirts by the GK sign-in area. They will be able to answer any questions, give you a tour of our space, help you sign-in your kids.

Check-in your child using the iPads located on the counter in the sign-In area. Two stickers will be printed per check-in: 1 for you and 1 for your child to wear. Be sure to hold on to your sticker as this is what you’ll use to check-out your child after the service. If we need to reach you for any reason during the service, look for last name displayed on the Auditorium screen (E.g. "Smith-Nursery"). 

2) Attend Worship with your Child

On Sunday mornings, after you’ve signed in, we invite you to keep your kids with you for the first part of the worship service as we believe worship is a key way for them to see the presence of God at work among us as we sing together.

Don’t worry about them making noise or being a distraction; we’re just glad they’re here with us.

If for any reason you need a break or your little one is eager to begin Nursery before worship has finished, the Nursery is open and available and we are ready to welcome them into the class!

3) Send-off

Just before the sermon we’ll dismiss them to our Grace Kids program where they’ll learn about Jesus, have some fun, do a craft and learn to ‘love all things church’ surrounded by their peers and an energetic team of Leaders. 



All of our GK Programs are staffed by amazing volunteers who have received training, and have up-to-date Police Checks. Our GK Nursery offers free-play for children, and a simple peanut-free snack. Our GK Elementary Program begins with an engaging Bible Lesson followed by a time of discussion in a small group setting. For the remainder of the class, your children will participate in age-specific activities or use their creativity with a story-based craft!




For Sign-Out, simply hand one of our GK Leaders your security tag, and you're all set to go! All of our young children will remain in their classroom until you arrive. Gr.3-Gr.5 students do not need to be signed-out, and can find you after the service.