Introducing Jesus: Part 5

"The Ultimate New Years Party Guy"

Who was Jesus? This week "Who IS Jesus?" is a better question as we jump into Revelation chapter 21 (and also do an eight-minute survey of the ENTIRE book of Revelation off the top of the sermon) and see WHO He's going to be in His exaltation when He returns to "Make all things NEW..." including YOU!


Introducing Jesus: Part 4

"The Promised Son"

Who was Jesus? Luke 2 will show you this week that He's the ANSWER you've been looking for to help you get through 'One of THOSE Days...'

Introducing Jesus: Part 3

"The Eternal Word"

Who was Jesus? John Chapter 1 gives one of THE most important answers to that question in ALL the Bible. Find out why He's NOT the 'Greatest Gift of Christmas' after all, as we jump into John's iconic prologue.


Introducing Jesus: Part 2

“The Rightful King”

Who was Jesus? Was he just another failed savior of Israel, or was he the True Savior of the Universe? The Book of Mark answers this question, and gives us truth while we are surrounded by frauds. Join us as explore the life of Jesus, and be encouraged!

Introducing Jesus: Part 1

"The Descendant of Giants"

Who was Jesus? He was the Descendant of Giants AND Misfits; like you and me. We're actually going to preach our way through a GENEALOGY today; and it's going to be awesome. Matthew Chapter 1, coming right up.