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Sunday DECEMBER 23, 2018

(Service at Royal City Church, 50 Quebec St, Guelph. Details below.)

Luke 2: Introducing, Jesus! The Promised Son

Time: 10:30am 

Christmas in the City

We are excited to celebrate Christmas with Royal City Church this year! We will be joining together for 2 services to share in the joy of Christmas, downtown at Royal City Church (50 Quebec St, Guelph). Mark your calendars with the dates below, bring your friends, and let’s celebrate the season all together under one roof!

Christmas in the city.jpg

As you know, we have 2 services at Grace (9:00am and 10:30am) and so rarely do we get to be together all under one roof. Christmas is about all of God’s people coming together, and what better way to celebrate Him than to sing and join in worship in a place where we can do that. Aside from a bigger space to worship in for the services on Dec 23 and 24th and joining with the RCC congregation, not much will be different. You can still expect a welcoming, safe, and comfortable space. As well, our program on the 23rd includes our kids singing and reading in the service!

Sunday Service: December 23rd at 10:30am at Royal City Church. Featuring the Classic Christmas Story from Luke 2 and inspiring Christmas worship. Kids Programming and Nursery provided. 

Christmas Eve Service: December 24th at 6:30pm at Royal City Church. A special evening of Lessons & Carols for the whole family to enjoy together on this beautiful night. 


We want you to feel as comfortable and as at-home as possible for our Christmas services. Below are a few points to help you orient yourself with the space. It’s a beautiful place to worship in, and we are so excited to be under one roof together for 2 services. What a treat!

PARKING: Baker St. Parking lot is available (and free) for Sunday and on Christmas Eve.

ENTRANCE: Please enter the church through the front doors (50 Quebec Street). For accessible entry, an elevator is located at the back entrance of the church on Chapel Lane.

WASHROOMS: Washrooms are located on the same level as sanctuary (in the hallway to the left of the sanctuary), as well, at the bottom of the stairs on the lower level. Special note for parents: As with all new places, we want our children to feel as comfortable as possible. We ask that you personally take your child to the washroom so that they feel most at ease in the new environment.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Just as you would when attending a new space, we ask that you keep all personal belongings with you, including coats/bags/purses.

CHILDREN: On Sunday Dec 23rd, we ask that you sign in and drop off your child into Grace Kids first thing (before the service begins) at 10:15am. This way they will be able to practice the song before going out on stage! After they sing, they will be ushered back to Grace Kids for a simplified program (video, activity, snack). 

BABIES: Our staffed nursery located outside the sanctuary in the hallway to the left. If possible, please sign them in before the service begins and drop off when dismissed in the service.

FAMILY EXPERIENCE: Our Christmas Eve Service (on Dec 24th at 6:30 at RCC) is designed to be a family experience full of lessons and carols! We want this to be a memorable experience for the whole family, so there will be no kids’ programming or staffed nursery. Don’t worry if they are a distraction! If you do, however need a place to feed or recharge with your baby or child, feel free to use our non-staffed nursery room directly located beside the sanctuary on the side.

Are you expecting A bundle of joy?

Your church family at GCC would love to help with the adjustment in those first few weeks by providing some fresh cooked meals, delivered right to your door! Please contact Cathy Fairchild at for more information. 

To our GCC family: Thank you for all you do! Please spread the word and welcome these little ones by sharing your culinary expertise. We use Take Them A Meal organized by the Care Team Ministry, click HERE to check out their website. Please email Cathy Fairchild at to take part in this gratifying ministry (of care)!

GK Songs for our Christmas SErvice

Message for Parents: Our GK Students are eagerly preparing for our Dec 23rd Christmas presentation! We want all of our students to be singing loud and proud, with smiling faces, and we need your help.

Our GK Students will be practicing in class over the next two weeks, but we would love for our two songs to fill your homes through the week so that they learn the songs inside and out!

Here are the links to both of our songs:

Born is The King (we will only sing up to 2:15 in video)

Joy to the World


During the morning of Friday Dec. 21st Grace volunteers will be delivering 32 Salvation Army Christmas hampers for Parkwood Gardens Neighbourhood Group and the Canadian Mental Health Association. We are in need of 8 drivers/vehicles/assistants for Salvation Army Christmas hamper deliveries. This is an incredible opportunity to work as a community and show love Jesus’ people in a very practical, beautiful way.