Conquering Servant Part 12

"Someone IS coming to help..."

If you've ever felt like no one cares, like no one is coming to help, this extremely hopeful sermon from the iconic Isaiah 53 is for YOU! Jesus is on His WAY!


Conquering Servant Part 11

"He Welcomes Strangers" 

Get ready to party, because not only has your suffering not gone unnoticed, God actually takes is personally, which is why the Gospel is beautiful, which is why we live like life is beautiful, which means we live differently from everybody else because of Jesus; the One who welcomes strangers. See what we mean, as we jump into Isaiah 52 together.


Conquering Servant Part 10

‘Face Like Flint’

You sometimes wish you could get a 'do-over' right? Like, if you could, you'd fix a whole bunch of things about your past in the hopes that they'd stop messing with your future. Well, if that's you, we've got some good news from Isaiah 51 this week to help you stop obsessing and watch God WORK!


Conquering Servant Part 9


Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that between 30-40% of North Americans are sleep deprived and 33% of Canadian Men get only 4-6 hours of sleep a night; when the required amount (medically-speaking) is 7-8hours. 57% of Canadian women are too tired to exercise which is a problem because exercise actually HELPS you sleep. It’s a vicious cycle that Isaiah 50 happens to have the perfect answer for as we learn to take a NAP, with Jesus.


Conquering Servant Part 8


If you’ve ever been broken, oppressed, cast-aside or have suffered loss, this one’s for YOU. If your life is absolutely perfect, move to the next sermon because Isaiah 49 is a VICTORY SONG for those who need some HOPE!


Conquering Servant Part 7


Promises can be tough, right? On the one hand we like them and they give us hope, but on the other, we know that, all too often, promises are MADE to be broken. This week, Isaiah 48 will help us learn to live like the BIG promises we find in the story of Jesus, are true.


Conquering Servant Part 6


Sometimes bad things happen. Most normal people respond with a ‘Wow, that’s awful…’ and then, even if it’s just secretly, they think, “Man, I glad it wasn’t me…’ Right? You know it’s true. This week we’ll explore Isaiah 47 to find out how Jesus’ people respond, when bad things happen.


Conquering Servant Part 5


If you find yourself feeling tired of ‘resisting’, if the journey seems a little rough these days and you’d really just like to take a spiritual nap, today’s look at Isaiah 46 will remind you what’s at stake here and why your future is beautiful.


Conquering Servant Part 4


 “What is my purpose? Who’s running the show here? Does my opinion count? If it’s not me, WHO is going to step in and make thing right? How can I know they’re not playing games? So, you’re saying I need to change my behaviour?” These six questions (around which many of us organize our lives) will be answered (and then some) as we jump into Isaiah 45 this week.


Conquering Servant Part 3


Maybe you have a secret DREAM that you’re AFRAID is never going to come true. Maybe you’ve LOST something PRECIOUS that you’re afraid you’re never going to get back. If that’s you, does Isaiah 44 ever have some encouragement for YOU!


Conquering Servant Part 2


You can’t WIN. You’re always going to be GUILTY of something. But Jesus? Jesus can win REAL good, which is why Isaiah 43 is such good news!


Conquering Servant Part 1


It’s not what happens TO you, it’s what you DO about it. Let’s learn a little somethin’ about ‘persisting in hope’ from Isaiah 42 this week.


Isaiah Intro