Mark: Part 16

‘RISEN!: how Jesus’ resurrection can give you hope, purpose and a plan!’

Ever tried to do the impossible? We’ve got a suggestion out of Mark Chapter 16 today. How ‘bout we let GOD do the impossible and we just focus on LIVING like He HAS? Sound good? Good. Let’s go!


Mark: Part 15

‘THE CROSS BEFORE ME: if Jesus really died, you can really live.’

You may feel like part of your life (or your life itself) is ‘over’. Before you make that call, spend a little time with us in Mark Chapter 15 where you’ll find 12 questions connected to how Jesus died that, if you answer them correctly, can change the way you live.


Mark: Part 14

‘BEAUTIFUL THINGS: how mindfulness, prayerfulness, imminence and kindness flow from knowing Jesus.’

Life is fine, until it’s not. You’ve experienced this, right? Lucky for you Mark Chapter 14 shows us a Jesus Who’s turning things on their HEAD!


Mark: Part 13

‘WIDE AWAKE: it’s not about being liked, it about being AWAKE!’

It’s not easy living wide-awake, ‘cause life can be so tiring. Lucky for you, Mark Chapter 13 has 22 reasons to stay awake embedded in it.


Mark: Part 12

‘CORNERSTONE: how peace, purpose and non-religious true prosperity are found in Jesus.’

When was the last time you went ‘all-in’ on something? It’s time to add living ’At Peace’ and ‘On Purpose’ to that list.


Mark: Part 11

‘KING JESUS!: learning what it looks like to bow the knee to the Master of the Universe.’

If you ever found yourself wrestling your kid-brother and suddenly realized he was no longer a ‘kid’ anymore and, as a result, you went from ‘Big-brother’ to OVERMATCHED in ten seconds flat you’ll totally get what we’re talking about here when it comes to surrendering to Jesus.


Mark: Part 10

‘SNAPSHOTS: six pictures of what following Jesus looks like’

(here’s a hint: soft-hearted/childish/do-good-er/share/serve/persistence)

All, out of Mark Chapter 10.


Mark: Part 9

‘MEET GOD: how encountering Jesus in a real way leads to faith, hope (selflessness) and love’

You can have a whole bunch of life-changing experiences but only JESUS can change your life. Discover how as we explore Mark Chapter 9.


Mark: Part 8

“Radicals: how trusting Jesus can turn your life upside down in the best way possible.”

Pretty straightforward today; seven things about trusting God that will CHANGE your life; as found in Mark chapter 8.


Mark: Part 7

“Un-Religious”: it’s what’s inside that counts.

We got four tips on deck today from Mark chapter 7 to help you not be a religious idiot. Hug ’n kisses!


Mark: Part 6

“AMAZED! Revisiting the absolutely miraculous roots of genuine faith”

Jump in and explore seven things to do (and not to do) if you want Jesus’ ‘Miracle-ness’ to transform your ‘Everyday-ness’ as we work our way through Mark chapter 6.


Mark: Part 5


Life-change is happening around you, and in you, all the time. What’s really important to figure out about Life-change is whether or not you SEE it, how what you BELIEVE is impacting on it, and whether or not you’re ACTING on it. We’ll discover how to SEE, BELIEVE and ACT with this visit to Mark 5.


Mark: Part 4


Have you noticed how everything’s always breaking in the World around you? Does it bother you? That’s because you know there’s a better way. Discover that better way with us this week as explore a 9-part recipe for life in the midst of a World that’s dying; as found in Mark 4.


Mark: Part 3


Nobody does anything until they care. As Jesus’ People what should we care about? What He cares about. Ok, so how do find that? By jumping into Mark 3. Let’s go!


Easter Sunday


Classic. Matthew 28:1-10. HE. IS. RISEN! Best day of your life. Get a little Easter Joy in your life, as we discover the BEST place in ALL the World!

Mark: Part 2

HUMANIST NON-LEGALISTS: people are greater than process.

Jesus SEES the needy, HEALS the broken, is making all things NEW (including you), is absolutely and completely in-charge and He ALWAYS puts PEOPLE first. You should be like Him. Figure out how in Mark 2.


Mark: Part 1

KNOW. DO. LIVE: getting to know Jesus and His way of life.

Jesus is the Prophesied Son, the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises, the Beloved, the Delight, the Master-Maker, the Preacher, the Caller, the Life-Changer. He is in authority and evil can’t stand Him. He’s got time for Old Ladies and He’s got time for you! He’s the One everybody’s looking for. Find out WHY as we jump into Mark 1 this week.