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Patriarch A Love Story: Part 13

‘Forgotten Son: But God’s grace wins’

Your life may not have gone as-expected, but it's going to turn out GREAT because God's Grace WINS! You want the details? Jump in to Genesis 36 with us as we wrap up 'Patriarch' for one more year. 


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 12

‘Echoes of Eden: new name, new master’

What do you DO? Where are you FROM? Where are you GOING? You get asked the first two a lot; the third, probably not as much. We answer all three in this deep dive into Genesis 35.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 11

‘Rape, Dowries, Circumcision & Revenge: Why we need the Gospel’

No matter how hard you try, if you try to do life without God present at the HEART of it, it’s just going to be one unmitigated disaster after another; which is why you need Jesus. If you’ve ever suffered deep hurt and need some even deeper HOPE, this sermon is for you.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 10

‘Beautiful Forgiveness: If Jacob & Esau can make peace, so can you’

Most of us like to get Grace but not to give it. This week Genesis 33 will remind us that Grace is our only hope; so we need to start acting like it, and remember that GOD is bringing us home.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 9

‘We walk with a LIMP, but we have a new NAME…’

Your new name is ‘Stand up STRAIGHT ‘cause you’re going to WIN!’, but don’t get too impressed with yourself ‘cause your nickname is ‘Hop-a-long Cassidy’…


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 8

‘QUICK! Get the household gods: even saints ‘aint perfect’

Life ‘aint perfect, but God SEES you. We explore the ramifications of that with this dive into Genesis 31.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 7

‘Baby Wars and Farm Animals’

You are always going to be under pressure, but God is always going to be at work, so you don’t need to get bogged-down by life anymore.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 6

‘Wife Swap: and the consequences of being evil…’

If you want to avoid the consequences of being evil, put your trust in Jesus and then DO what Genesis 29 suggests as an act of WORSHIP because God’s been so good to you.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 5

‘Heaven steps in…’

A beautiful and simple truth from Genesis 28 today. Your life is a mess, so start walking home to freedom, and watch how Heaven will meet you along the way.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 4

‘Glorious or Good-Enough?’

In Genesis 27 this week we’ll be reminded that we always mess things up which is why Jesus had to get messed up so that we could break free from the endless cycle of sin and brokenness that defines our world.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 3

‘My Difficult, Successful Life…’

Genesis 26 will show us what a difficult successful life looks like, teach us how to navigate it and, as usual, make it very clear that walking with the Lord is the key to it all.


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 2

‘No Worries…’

We’re in Genesis 25 this week where we’ll discover the implications of the fact that God exists, He made everything that is, made it all good, including you (made in His image and likeness) to be His friend forever, so you got no worries!


Patriarch A Love Story: Part 1

‘Make your plans, but follow HIS lead…’

We jump into ‘PATRIARCH: a love story’ this week with Genesis 24 where we’ll find a picture of what life can look like when you make your plans, but follow HIS lead.